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March 2021 Volume 7

March 2021 Volume 7


The purpose of Kappa Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business pursuing associate degrees. To encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Have you applied for the KBD Scholarship? Please go to the link below to apply.

Application deadline has been extended to April 1st

The Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson International Merit Scholarship is the highest honor a Kappa Beta Delta member can achieve. The Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson International Merit Scholarship is administered by the Board of Kappa Beta Delta.

Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson served as Associate Director of ACBSP, working closely with associate degree schools, until his death. He was instrumental in creating Kappa Beta Delta, the Honor Society for business programs which have an ACBSP accreditation.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

– Ursula K. Le Guin

4 Facts About Capital Gains

When you sell a capital asset like an investment or a piece of property, the sale can result in a capital gain or loss. The IRS defines a capital asset as “most property you own for personal use or own as an investment.” Here are four facts you should keep in mind:

1. A capital gain or loss is the difference between what you originally paid for the asset (your basis) and the amount you get when you sell an asset.

2. You must include all capital gains in your income and you may be subject to the Net Investment Income Tax if your income is above certain amounts. Consult a qualified tax expert for help.

3. The IRS allows you to deduct capital losses on the sale of investment property. You cannot deduct losses on the sale of property that you hold for personal use.

4. If your total net capital loss is more than the limit you can deduct, you can carry it over to next year’s tax return.

* This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax professional.

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Finding Inner Peace Inside (and Indoors)

Practiced for thousands of years, yoga has had a revival in the last couple decades. Yoga can be an optimal exercise choice for many individuals of all ages. But before getting started with any fitness regimen, make sure to discuss any medical concerns with your healthcare provider; this information is not a substitute for medical advice.

While there are many different styles of yoga, generally speaking, yoga is a low-impact form of exercise. But in addition to the fitness benefits, it can help you learn relaxation and breathing techniques as well as how to regulate emotions and quiet your mind. It’s also a great form of exercise to do indoors, and there are thousands of free classes on YouTube So, if you’re still enduring the remnants of winter, you can practice “quieting your inner monologue, doing yoga from the comfort of your own home.

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A woman walking along a canal sees a boat full of people, yet there isn't a single person on board. How could this be?

Last week’s riddle: What appears once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a decade? Answer: The letter M.

Ivy Tech Lake County Kappa Beta Delta Virtual Induction Ceremony February 27, 2021

Click on to the Blue Link to support our KBD Fundraiser

Congratulations! Boston Market has approved your GroupRaise Meal on March 26, 2021 at 5:00pm!

Now let's make this meal happen!

You can now start promoting your Meal! Above is a link to your Meal Page for your supporters to RSVP by committing to eat on the day of your GroupRaise event.

You need 20 people to RSVP on your meal page to receive final confirmation of your meal by March 23, 2021, or your event will be canceled. This is to put you on your way to reaching your total attendance goal, and show the restaurant that you have been marketing.

Getting RSVPs is important to help spread the word about your cause and to ensure that your meal raises enough support to fund your group's goal. Share your meal page link on Facebook, Twitter, over email, and anywhere else you can.

Make sure your supporters know that their commitment to eat is crucial to making your meal a success, but even if they are not able to RSVP they are more than welcome to eat to support the Foodbank of Northwest Indiana.

KBD Lake County Advisors

Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson Service- Learning Coordinator

Professor Joseph Joniec

Adjunct Faculty Aleesha Thirkles-Williams

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