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March 2022 Volume 24

March 2022 Volume 24

Women’s Month


The purpose of Kappa Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment among students of business pursuing associate degrees. To encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

The Maya Angelou quarter, which launched in January as the kickoff to the U.S. Mint’s “American Women” series, is the first-ever U.S. coin honoring a Black woman.

She was the first female inaugural poet in U.S. presidential history. In 1993 Angelou recited her poem, "On the Pulse of Morning," for President Bill Clinton's inauguration. She became the first African American poet and first female poet to participate in a recitation for a U.S. president's inauguration.

What is the Lifetime Learning Credit?

The Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC) is a tax credit for qualified tuition and related expenses. It can help pay for undergraduate or graduate studies, as well as courses to acquire or improve your job skills. The credit is worth up to $2,000 per tax return.

Another good thing about this tax credit is that it’s available for an unlimited number of tax years, unlike the American opportunity tax credit that is only for the first four years at an eligible institution.

To claim the LLC, you must be paying qualified education expenses for a higher education and be enrolled at an eligible educational institution. Check out the IRS guidelines for more details and whether or not you may qualify.

* This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific, individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax professional.

Tip adapted from

How to Make a Healthy Cup of Joe

We have good news for all you coffee drinkers out there! There are many ways to make your cup of Joe in the morning a little healthier so you can feel good about your morning routine.

Here are some things to remember next time you make a cup of coffee:

  • Be wary of adding too much sugar to your coffee. If you like your coffee sweet, use a natural sweetener like stevia, cinnamon, honey, or agave.

  • When possible, choose organic coffee. Organic coffee is less likely to have been sprayed with synthetic pesticides. Also, shop local coffee beans if possible!

  • Avoid drinking too much coffee and avoid drinking coffee past 2pm, as it may affect your sleep cycle.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the morning and it’s not all bad. Just be aware of what you put in your coffee, how much you’re drinking, and when.

Tip adapted from Healthline

SAVE the Date

KBD Fundraiser at Chick-fil –A Merrillville

April 18, 2022 5 pm – 7 pm

Check out the flyer attached

Kappa Beta Delta (KBD) Induction Ceremony


Mary Cunningham, Phyllis Lumpkin, Angela Vazquez, Melissa DiCapua

Honorary Member and Keynote Speaker

Rosemary Lopez-Malagon

Executive Director K-14 Initiatives

KBD Lake County Advisors

Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson

Professor Joseph Joniec

Associate Director K-14 Initiatives Aleesha Thirkles-Williams

KBD Officers

David Perez

Mary Cunningham

Amanda Edge

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