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Financial Friday’s Tips IV

Food, shelter and clothing are the basic physiological needs that affect financial management. Fast food equals fast release of cash and in many instances fast food is not always the healthiest. We live in a fast paced society driven by conveniences. How much can you save making your cup of coffee? Your unique designer flavorful cup! How much can you save preparing your meals? A healthy delicious tasty meal should include a green (the color of money) vegetable. What’s wrong with leftovers and brown bagging? Eating healthy, drinking water, taking walks at least three days, a week promotes fitness, mindfulness and focus. Health is a financial asset and anyone whether a student or not should find ways to stay away from unhealthy and costly habits that will affect not only our physiological but financial health negatively. Financial management is also about focus, safety and security. Many educational institutions have food pantries to support students. Many communities have food pantries to support their citizens. Take the time to be socially aware of services that are available to you and share the good news. Financial decisions affects us in many ways, the psychology of our daily inputs in connection with out physiological needs will affect our finances.

Did you know that Kappa Beta Delta provides scholarships? Check out the link below and apply for the Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson International Merit Scholarship. Application Deadline is March 1, 2020.

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