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Financial Friday’s Tips III

Students need more and more financial planning tips and a budget for them is the most practical tool in financial planning to start with. Once developed it's more in a theoretical form but as you put it to the test daily you begin to see the experiential side of the budget, and you will notice variances in items budgeted and this is where the discussion begins to make it a living financial document. What is causing and driving these variances in items budgeted and how can I really control and minimized the negative variances (budget-actual). Yes, a debit card is a good tool to use in managing a banking account. It is helpful to manage your finances, a lot of individuals don't qualify for a regular banking account and are locked out from having one because of abuse, so knowing how to manage a debit card is vital, spending only what you have in line with your budget, make sure that debit card does NOT have any overdraft features is a key.

Maurice Lounds, MS, CFP®, AIF®

Ivy Tech Community College

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics and Statistics

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