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Financial Friday's Spring Break Tips

Spring Break is a time to be intentional. It’s called ‘Staycation’ have fun and take advantage of all the activities in your community. Many local libraries provide movies, and audio book check outs free with your library card. Museums from coast to coast offer free or discounted admission to students living in-state or in neighboring states. If you really want to see the value of using discounts: Assume you are paying the regular rate and then put in a special savings account the "discount dollars", the difference between the regular cost and the now reduced cost. If you do this each month for all our discounts, you would be amazed of what this really means and the money it can put in your savings.

National parks, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums and museums provide free days based on the city you live in. Sporting events, concerts, old school drive in movie theaters, yoga in the park and discount movie theaters provide additional opportunities for you to live your best life! Wherever you’re traveling, simply inquire about discounts.

The Ivy Tech Lake County Campus will be hosting an Induction Ceremony on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Ivy Tech Community College President Susan Ellspermann will be the Keynote Speaker.

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