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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kappa Beta Delta?


Kappa Beta Delta is the Honor Society for students in Two-Year Colleges, or associate degree programs accredited by ACBSP.


Am I eligible to Join Kappa Beta Delta?


To obtain more information about Kappa Beta Delta or to see if you qualify for membership, contact the Kappa Beta Delta faculty advisor at your school. If you do not know who the KBD Advisor at your school is, check here: Alternatively, contact the Central Office at


What are the eligibility Requirements?


To be eligible for induction into Kappa Beta Delta, a student must meet the following requirements;

  • Rank in the upper 20% of students pursuing business degrees at the time of invitation to membership

  • Must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of credit, of which a minimum of six are in business subjects toward the degree program

  • Must have a minimum grade point of average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. (Minimum GPA are based on each college’s minimum requirement for honor consideration, as long the minimum GPA does not fall below 3.0)


I am a transfer student. Can I join?


Transfer students who meet the qualifications for membership may be inducted after they have completed a minimum of one term of work within the department, division, or school of business. Provided the student’s overall record is of Kappa Beta Delta caliber, he/she will become a member.

How do I join Kappa Beta Delta?


An invitation to join will be to the student by the College’s Kappa Beta Delta Faculty Advisor or the Business Department. The KBD Central Office does not have the ability to invite students directly, nor do they allow students to join without a connection to an ACBSP Accredited Institution.


How do I pay for my membership?


Your faculty advisor or the Business Department will manage membership fee collection at the campus level and remit it the KBD Head Office. Induction materials will be sent directly to your campus before the induction ceremony date.

How do I increase attendance at our KBD meetings?


Consider trying an e-meeting using Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or Google Hangout. You can also use Facebook Live for meetings. College using Office 365 can organize meetings using Microsoft Teams.

Schedule your meetings when the majority of your students can attend, consider using an online scheduler like WhenIsGood (


How do we organize meetings if we our schools are closed, and gatherings are discouraged or even prohibited (shelter in place is in effect)?


You can organize a virtual induction. Again, Skype and Zoom are perfect for virtual inductions.

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