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Scholarships & Awards

As member of Kappa Beta Delta, students are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards such as the Andrew Stevenson International Merit Scholarship. Having Kappa Beta Delta on ones application also opens up the possibility of being considered for a leadership scholarship at a transfer institution. Students and chapter advisors can also nominate their chapters for the Chapter of the Year Award and Distinguished Advisor Award.


The Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson International Merit Scholarship

The Dr. Andrew V Stevenson International Merit Scholarship is the highest honor a Kappa Beta Delta member can achieve. The Dr. Andrew V. Stevenson International Merit Scholarship is administered by the Board of Kappa Beta Delta.


The Distinguished Advisor of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the activities that promote the missions of Kappa Beta Delta and ACBSP, while supporting students’ engagement and community service at the members’ institutions.


The Chapter of the Year Award

The award is presented to a KBD chapter that has achieved a significant accomplishment during the academic year.


The Student Leadership Award

Chapters have the opportunity to recognize their students for exceptional leadership by nominating them for the ACBSP Student Leadership Award.

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