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Hello my name is David Felix born into a large family with four sisters and two brothers and mom was a stay at home mom while dad was serving in the military. I graduated from both the Massachusetts and Hawaii school systems. After, graduation I enlisted into the Navy, of not knowing what I wanted to do in life as well as other career goals to obtain. While enlisted, I became a petty officer third class, and participated in the “Honor Guard.” I have traveled to various places like; Okinawa, Japan, Adak, Alaska, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Moffett Field, California and Manila, Philippines. This made me a better-traveled individual when I experienced the way of life, and languages that I learned to help me to understand the culture differences.

After completing four years of service, I entered into the civilian life. That meant a whole new world also a different experience for me. I had various jobs, which includes, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bank of America. I then, worked at the Swissotel, Boston and Boston Harbor Hotel for a period of time, I decided to tap into the call center environment to where I gained the most my knowledge and work experience with handling customer service.

I took a closer look at the direction of my next career. Being in the hospitality industry before, with upgrading to rooms, cross-selling restaurants was natural to me. Especially when, friends and family rely on me wearing the hat of a concierge or the Maître d. I had knowledge of the local area and restaurants also places to go which showed my visitors I knew my stuff. Additionally, the encouragement from friends, family and being the Navy too prompted me with sharp eyes, and focus on the hospitality industry. I knew being out of school for 20 years and with much anxiety of doing well, going back to school at the Community College of Rhode Island to further my educational goals was essential to focus on my career goals. I have now completed my education both Community College of Rhode Island and Johnson & Wales University with the Bachelor of Science Degree for Hotel/Lodging Management Cum Laude Honors

Dave felix

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