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Want your students to save a little money on their membership application fee? Purchase this 5-pack of memberships for $350. Each of the 5 students only pays $70 instead of the normal $85!


Please note:

  • We will only send membership certificates/graduation gear to ONE address: typically the advisor/the school. We will not send these to individual members.
  • Upon payment, an Excel spreadsheet will be provided. Please include the information of the 5 students that will be receiving the discounted membership.
  • If more than 5 students are listed, but you've only paid for one pack, ONLY THE FIRST 5 STUDENTS LISTED WILL HAVE THEIR APPLICATIONS PROCESSED. Please purchase another pack or have the other students use the individual application at the normal rate of $85 each.
  • When completed, please email the spreadsheet to
  • All unused membership "slots" are FORFEIT once the spreadsheet is submitted to Kappa Beta Delta for processing. For example, if only four students are listed, the empty fifth membership is not "banked" for future use.
  • No refunds or credits will be provided for unused memberships.

KBD Membership - Group of 5

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